Grow room set up

The importance of a proper grow room  set up

Not having a room that’s properly set up can cause:

Electrical Fires can occur due to improper current going through the electrical line, proper electrical sized lines and number of outlets and permanent lines are required not only for your safety but also by law

Ventilation problems that can cause fires, grow lights can create a lot of heat and this heat needs to move out and away from your garden and house, build ups of heat in lines, rooms, or areas can cause a fire hazard

Overheating equipment grow equipment runs anywhere from 12-24 hours a day cheap non-ventilated equipment not only uses more power then digital /electronic equipment. equipment needs to be in a clean, dry and cooled environment to avoid heat build ups that can not only cause a fire but can also make your equipment life decrease dramatically

Mould and mildew in house can occur when a room is too hot, not properly ventilated or a combination of both =. This can not only cause a danger to the person living in the houses health, but it is proven living in a mould or mildew like environment is very detrimental to our respitory track as well as our overall health.

Mould and mildew in cannabis can cause you a loss of a precious much needed crop and cause you to have to destroy the crop after all the time, effort and hard work you have put in to get to the point you are, proper ventilation and room temperatures as well as air exchange can avoid this pitfall. 

Spoiled products are a big waste of time, effort, and money put in to not only proper nutrients, your crop, and your room but also to your mentality. All the hard work you put into getting your medicine to not only start growing but to get it into a flowering state and now you must throw it out due to improper ventilation, bugs or whatever else it was

The insurance on your house may not cover a grow room especially one that is not up to legal code, so doing your proper due diligence and making sure your precious grow room and future home of your medicine is up to par is very important.

Infestation of bugs can occur in grow rooms, whether you bring in something off your clothes, or someone else gives you clones that are loaded there are a few options you must correct the issues from plant safe sprays to natural predators we can help you find the right solution to cover your problems.